We also have a progesterone test!

Welcome to the Animal Clinic Pets Award.

We offer a wide variety of health services for your pet, from

basic health checks to X-rays and surgeries.
If necessary, we also carry out home visits. We also offer various food supplements and high-quality complete foods for your pet.
All products are available in our clinic.

The veterinarian’s office operates on the basis of appointments.

Our activities include health and medical care for pets.
We offer e.g. the following services:

Official hip-elbow-back shots.

Official knee and cardiac auscultation statements.

• Vaccinations, identification markings and health checks (e.g. litter checks).
• Tartar removal and milk teeth extractions.
• Research and treatment of internal medicine.
• Soft tissue surgery (for example, castrations and sterilizations).
• Research and treatment of skin diseases.
• Ultrasound and X-ray.
• Own laboratory: examination of urine and stool samples and bacterial culture, examination of blood samples, punctures and scraping samples.
• Rodent diseases and dental care.
• Maternity care by agreement.